PowerGuard 1.2

Monitor the evolution of your battery charge


  • Comprehensive battery information
  • Graphical view
  • Lots of settings


  • You might get confused by what all the charge properties mean


I'd love it if all mobile devices were run off clockwork or solar power and didn't have to be charged ever. Unfortunately, this isn't the case and all of us are blighted by the problem of battery failure.

As a result, it's a good idea to take control of your device's power by installing a battery monitoring application. PowerGuard is designed to help you keep track of your battery status, and comes with an impressive range of features to let you do that.

Everything you need is housed neatly within four tabs. The Text tab gives you a breakdown of your charge, including data such as status, current, voltage, and even temperature. The Graphics tab displays the properties of your battery charge over time.

You also get a Control tab, with a range of customisable settings, including auto-start, update interval, and the primary and secondary axis on the graph. Finally, the About tab gives you some basic information abut the program's developer.

All in all this is a very complex app for monitoring battery status.

PowerGuard monitors the battery status of your Microsoft Windows Mobile/Windows CE powered Pocket PC or smartphone. It monitors several attributes, such as battery current, voltage, and temperature. PowerGuard represents these attributes textually as well as graphically.

Next to monitoring battery current, PowerGuard can also give a notification when a user-configurable current threshold is exceeded. This is especially useful when you want to know what processes are eating up your battery.

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PowerGuard 1.2

User reviews about PowerGuard

  • by Anonymous

    Toshiba TG01.
    Sorry but PowerGuard don't function with my TG01. It shows 0 mA in charge or on battery... W...   More